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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#770: How To Have RIDICULOUS Levels Of Self-Belief
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#770: How To Have RIDICULOUS Levels Of Self-Belief

Now that you know from yesterday that too much confidence can’t be your problem, how about we get your self-esteem up to the level it needs to be at for you to reach all your goals?

How would it feel to label your confidence level “RIDICULOUS”? Today you’ll learn how to do it, and how can find out for yourself how it feels.

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2:17 Todays Topic: How To Have RIDICULOUS Levels Of Self-Belief

2:55 If you are gonna make something important in the world you need a ridiculous level of self belief

3:31 Episode #769 Too Much Confidence Is NOT Your Problem

4:07 You gotta do something amazingly different so people will remember

4:56 We remember people who made something brand new

6:22 Point I: Stop looking at yourself and your life in terms of limits

7:54 Why limit yourself to what you know

9:12 Point II: Stop Comparing

10:30 What you need to look at is what is my possible best?

11:34 Point III: Be careful when you are dealing with other people

12:01 Most people look at life in terms of limits

13:05 Your energy and self-belief needs to be the highest in the room

13:16 The person with the highest energy is gonna run the room

14:22 If you’re gonna walk with a person, you are gonna end up walking the same pace

15:18 “You gotta be on all the time” from the interview with Wes Pifer

15:40 Recap

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