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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#768: How To Avoid Stagnation
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#768: How To Avoid Stagnation

Stagnation is a living being’s last stage before dying.

There’s no more movement, nothing new to do or see, no challenges, no problems to solve. When you stagnate, something is about to go limp (if it hasn’t already).

Today you’ll learn how to stay away from stagnation.

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2:21 Today’s Topic: How To Avoid Stagnation

2:31 The definition of stagnation is the lack of activity, growth, or development

3:27 You are falling back in the race if you stay still while the rest of the world is moving

3:47 Point I: Always have more than one hustle moving

5:38 What are your other hustles in order to keep yourself going even when things aren’t working the way they were working

6:39Point II: You must continue to invest in yourself

7:23 The 5 Forms on Investment are time, money, attention, focus, and energy. Listen to Episode #609 The 5 Forms Of Investment, And How To Use Each

9:17 Point III: If you are not here to keep moving, what are you here for?

10:29 What is your purpose? What will your presence here on earth do for the rest of humanity when you are no longer present?

11:15 James Altucher talks about getting 1% better everyday and how that compounds

12:11 Recap

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