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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#766: The 7 Biggest Business Communication Mistakes People Make
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#766: The 7 Biggest Business Communication Mistakes People Make

I get a lot of messages from people on the daily. One of the biggest mistakes I see is a lack of communication skill displayed. Today I lay out and explain the biggest communication errors from an article I read.

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2:24 Today’s Topic: The 7 Biggest Business Communication Mistakes People Make

3:42 This episode is based on the article by Amanda McKelvey – I’ve read hundreds of LinkedIn messages while managing Business Insider’s social accounts, and people often make the 7 same mistakes

5:22 Full archive of the show at

5:47 Point I: People did not reach out with anything personalized

6:59 Episode #714 Interview: Wes Pifer (@NAUCoachWes) of Northern Arizona Men’s Basketball

7:57 You better be careful when you reach out for the very first time

8:25 Point II: You didn’t do your research

9:48 When you don’t do your research, it shows that you are not serious

10:44 Episode #721 Academic Life, Professorship, Depression & Mental Health with Latoya Baldwin Clark

12:09 Point III: You are too vague when you are asking people

12:59 When you are reaching out to someone asking for help, you need them more than they need you

14:28 Point IV: You did not play it cool

16:11 People avoid the unhappy and unlucky ones according to the 48 Laws of Power

16:22 Point V: People can tell if you send a form (copy and paste) letter

16:52 Point VI: Being unprofessional, meaning you are making jokes or saying something inappropriate

18:37 Point VII: You do not look over what it is that you are asking, sending, or demonstrating to another person

20:09 You got to be very careful about the way you are communicating with people

20:23 Recap

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