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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#765: Closing Your Accountability Gaps
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#765: Closing Your Accountability Gaps

Have you ever had a parent of friend or coach or business partner or coworker or boss or anyone else who never let you get away with bullshitting yourself? I’m talking about a person who caused you to live up to a higher standard, because you knew you couldn’t get away with anything less.

What was the gap between the level that person held you to versus the level you held yourself to when left to you own devices?

That’s called an Accountability Gap. Today, learn how to close all of yours.

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2:52 Today’s Topic: Closing Your Accountability Gaps

3:08 The most important principle to reach success is discipline and working on your game

4:54 Accountability is the direct descendant of discipline

5:45 Point I: The definition of accountability gap is how much you hold yourself accountable and how much other people need to hold you accountable

10:26 Point II: Understand that there is value in others pointing out things you need to do

12:44 As long as it is told to you by someone with your best interest

16:40 Life is about progress

16:51 As soon as people point out you accountability gap, it becomes your responsibility

16:58 Point III: The things that you do best, where you do not have an accountability gap, those are the things people come to you for help with

18:17 Anything people are coming to you for help usually because they have some type of gap in that area that is an opportunity for you to sell them your help through an ebook, workbook, youtube, channel, consultation, coaching.

19:14 Go to for a full archive about building your brand, marketing, and selling if you’re ready to take advantage of trading your knowledge

21:06 Recap

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