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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#764: What To Do When NOTHING Is Working
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#764: What To Do When NOTHING Is Working

Even the best plans run into walls sometimes. Especially when you’re doing stuff that few humans ever do. The road can get frustrating, and when you see other people making progress and getting results. You work hard and stay focused m, but it still seems like nothing it working.

Have you been there? I know you have. Today’s show tells you what to do when you’re in that situation.

Today’s show is brought to you by Ask Yourself A Better Question. Learn more at

2:55 Today’s Topic: What To Do When NOTHING Is Working

5:24 Point I: You must grant yourself some time to think

7:16 Think time means no device, no internet, you’re not talking to anyone, not reading, not watching something. Sit yourself down and just give yourself some time to think and allow your thoughts to surface

9:57 If you give yourself consistent think time, your mind is now conditioned to allow your thoughts to come to the surface

11:09 What have I not tried yet?

11:37 What small changes can I make to my current methods that might make the difference?

12:51 “There’s nothing wrong with my aim just, gotta change the target” -JayZ

13:07 Your brain is the most powerful tool known to man, but you got to give it a job to do

13:36 Point II: Double your energy

13:49 What I did twice of what I’m doing right now?

15:09 Point III: You got to try the 48-hour positive thought experiment – shared in the podcast before

15:29 For 48 consecutive hours, no negative thoughts allowed, no negative energy.

15:59 You can give yourself a mantra when a negative thought creeps in your mind

16:35 Some mantras you can try

17:28 If you want to go deeper in this, get The Mental Workbook: The Daily Program To Transform From Who You Are Into Who You Need To Be at

21:12 If you do this challenge, all of a sudden, you’re gonna get great ideas on how you can make the thing that is not working start working

22:00 Recap

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