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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#763: Why It’s Hard To “Make It” In Life
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#763: Why It’s Hard To “Make It” In Life

“If I can do it, YOU can do it!”

“All you gotta do is believe and work hard…”

“Making it.” Everyone wants to do it; some of that everyone has an idea of what “making it” actually is for them. The rest need to make a plan.

Everyone, though, is gonna have a hard time getting there (wherever “there” is) — today’s show explains why.

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2:46 Today’s Topic: Why It’s Hard To “Make It” In Life

3:58 Point I: The better/shinier the reward, the more people are going to know about it, the easier people who achieved it look, the fiercer the competition will become.

6:04 People make it look easy when they got skill

8:48 Point II: The disease of comparison makes it hard to “make it” in life

9:07 The more we do, no matter how much we do, when we see others further ahead of us it makes what we have done seem small

11:04 Point III: You don’t even know what “Making it in life” looks like for YOU

11:37 What does life look like when you’ve “made it”?

12:06 If you don’t know how it looks like to make it, its impossible to make it

13:13 Recap

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