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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#762: How To Relax Before A Performance
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#762: How To Relax Before A Performance

Performing can be nerve wrecking. All those people, there to watch you, and sometimes ONLY you, and this is your only shot to get it right. I don’t blame you for feeling a little anxious.

How can someone relax? Is there a method to calming your nerves while still being alert enough to kill it when the curtains go up?

Yes. You’ll learn it today.

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2:48 Today’s Topic: How To Relax Before A Performance

3:48 You know what you are capable of but the anxiety of the moment is keeping you from performing

4:18 Point I: You got to breathe, take deep belly breaths to calm your body down

6:33 calm anxiety slows heart rate oxygenates the blood create endorphin reduce stress

7:54 Point II: Some people say, think of something other than what you are about to do…

8:23 But what you should do instead it don’t try to repress the idea of the performance you are about to get into, you should start envisioning yourself playing as best you can play

12:50 Point III: The work has already been done to get to the point of getting yourself in the game, all you got to do is to bring it home

16:17 Recap

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