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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#760: Athletes: Sports Is Just *Part* Of Your Job
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#760: Athletes: Sports Is Just *Part* Of Your Job

I meet and talk with a lot of athletes. When the athlete is at the college and professional level, 97/100 don’t want to hear or talk about anything that isn’t directly about playing their sport.

And shit, I get it! Though I was building my brand at the time, while I was hooping, there was a time when I would’ve given up all of the “brand” stuff if that meant going to the next level in playing my sport (like an NBA team signing me). Since that didn’t happen, I kept building on what you know me for now.

Today I’ll share with all my athletes what I wish I’d known while playing: Sports is just part of the job description.

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2:52 Today’s Topic: Athletes: Sports Is Just *Part* Of Your Job.

5:48 Stereotypes still exist in our world today because there are many athletes who just want to play their sport and not be responsible for something else.

6:55 Make sure you are being responsible in everything.

7:30 Point I: When you are an athlete, you must know the requirements and standards in your level and the level you are going to.

11:21 If you don’t have the discipline to do the basics, you don’t have the discipline to beat out the competition.

12:38 Point II: You must know what your next step is, athlete.

14:24 By a certain age you’re gonna be done no matter how good you are.

14:58 Point III: If you are in school, handle your academics. That is 50% of your job.

16:58 When you are in a position where there is no boss, are you treating it like a profession.

17:17 Recap

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