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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#754: When You Should Listen To What Other People Think
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#754: When You Should Listen To What Other People Think

While you have the most important voice you’ll ever hear, and while most people need to listen to that voice MUCH more than to anyone else’s, there are some times when we should listen to what others have to say. Today I’ll share with you when those times are and who those people are.

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2:48 Today’s topic: When You Should Listen To What Other People Think.

4:31 Almost all the points mentioned in the podcast, the opposite of almost anything can apply. You have to stay mentally pliable.

5:40 You should be willing to make the change as quickly as the change happens.

6:19 Point I: Other people may have seen an angle that you have not seen.

8:47 Point II: Other people may know or have an experience that you don’t have.

10:06 Point III: When you are trying to persuade people, you need to listen to know what makes them tick.

11:50 Point IV: When you are seeking to improve, you can ask somebody else.

12:28 Disclaimer – You gotta be careful who you ask.

15:01 You have to be smart enough to know what it is that you want.

15:17 Point V: When you are building relationships, it is your job to listen.

16:24 People who have achieved like to talk about their achievements.

13:27 People will love you when you let them talk.

17:51 Recap

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