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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#751: Opportunity Does NOT Knock
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#751: Opportunity Does NOT Knock

Everyone claims they want one. Many people go around asking for it. Some create it. Some go as fat as begging for it. And hey — sometimes that works. Whatever you do, just know you should never merely wait for opportunity to come to you, because it’s not showing up.

Position yourself. Prepare. Seek. Create. Snatch. But never, ever, wait.

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2:49 Today’s topic: Opportunity Does NOT Knock

3:41 Opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes something possible

3:57 Point I: Opportunity does not come knocking on your door, it just walks around

4:47 Opportunity exists for you to recognize and dominate the opportunity

5:22 “God will not have his work manifest by cowards” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Self Reliance

6:05 Point II: Opportunity is not a birthright

7:04 We all have a choice to create opportunity

7:28 Opportunity is a decision

8:59 Point III: Opportunity is not a guarantee that it will turn into something fruitful

11:05 Just because you have it doesn’t mean it can’t be taken from you

12:11 Opportunity gets restless if it is just sitting around and nothings being done with it

12:49 Recap

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