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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#749: The Only Information To EVER Trust: Your Own
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#749: The Only Information To EVER Trust: Your Own

Have trusted sources: people and places from whom you believe what you hear. But also verify anything you get from even your trusted sources and make sure it’s right.

Today’s show is about trusting only what you know to be true — and how to make sure it is.

Today’s show is brought to you by Ask Yourself A Better Question. Learn more at

2:45 Today’s topic: The Only Information To EVER Trust: Your Own

4:04 When you hear someone talking, you must be able to look at that and say what part of it is actually truthful

4:36 Point I: You must learnto ask questions

5:48 Some people may be peeved that you are the person asking the questions

6:48 The more people or entities in between you and the source, the more weary you must be

8:12 The higher up a person is in terms of status, achievement, fame, or power; the more interest that person needs to protect

9:05 Point II: The skill of discernment – the ability to judge well

9:41 A skill only developed through experience – real and direct human interaction

10:32 Every person has an angle – the reason why people make you think what they want you to think

12:38 Point III: Trust but verify

14:11 The more you learn, the more you know

14:33 Dre’s favorite question “How do you know?”

16:49 When you learn how to learn, you can go get your own information

18:47 You must equip yourself with the skill of discernment

19:15 Recap

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