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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#746: Hot Seat: I Have More Work Than I Have Time [Sava, Bulgaria]
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#746: Hot Seat: I Have More Work Than I Have Time [Sava, Bulgaria]

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2:54 Today’s Hot Seat Guest is Sava from Bulgaria. His challenge is organizing his time as a student, running his business, and working out

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3:59 Solopreneurs, freelancers who have more work than time need to listen to this episode

4:13 Start of the hot seat

5:12 Biggest challenge is not being great in one thing specifically

5:29 A way to narrow down your life is by knowing the 3 things that is most important. For Save it is going to the gym, marketing, and languages

10:19 Wants to get ahead as much as possible by setting up his business while in school

14:25 If everything was perfect, all three areas would move forward, and he would have some social life

15:38 But if you are to become great, social life may be the first one to strike off

17:24 Know what you need to delegate and how much it’s going to cost

19:38 You need to make a list of things that you are currently doing daily and mark tasks that nobody else can do but you and mark those that can be done by someone else. This will be your delegation list.

21:23 When you delegate, you can focus on the top-level stuff that is most important for your business to move forward

22:54 The way you pay for outsourcing or can justify it in your mind is that it will give you more time to do income generating activities

24:06 Kobe Bryant is now running a business that he started while he was still playing. He found people who could run it, people who knew what he did not know

26:00 Every minute you are not doing the things that you must do you are losing money

26:20 You need to know what your money-making activities are so the business grows

29:35 Sava shares what he is going to do differently which is to learn how to work smart

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