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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#745: Why You Need to QUIT, Right Now
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#745: Why You Need to QUIT, Right Now

Wait a minute… is this the right podcast? Dre telling me to quit?

Yes, yes it is, and yes I am. Here are the reasons you need to quit what you’re doing, now. Today. Go ahead and do it.

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2:53 Today’s Topic: Why You Need to QUIT, Right Now

4:45 Point I: You need to quit if you’re not growing, you’re no longer curious, and you’re not getting better

5:38 When you are getting better and progressing you are going up the mountain, as soon as you are not doing that anymore you are going down

5:55 Point II: You need to quit when you are sleep walking in the process, just going through the motion

6:57 When you are sleepwalking though your work, you are not helping yourself and the people you are around

7:23 Point III: You need to quit if you never wanted to be there in the first place

8:27 Eric Bledsoe’s tweet “I don’t want to be here” when he was playing for the Phoenix Suns

10:49 Point IV: Only you will know if any of these apply

11:37 Point V: When do you decide when to quit and when to stick it out?

12:17 Point V a: You must think about the situation that you are in

13:03 Point V b: Once you have completed your thinking, you decide what you are going to do and don’t stop thinking till you decide

14:28 If you have not made a decision yet, you are not done thinking

15:30 Thinking is part of the work, making a decision is part of the work

15:42 Recap

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