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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#744: How To Remain Fluid and “Changeable” in Life
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#744: How To Remain Fluid and “Changeable” in Life

We all know that life’s only constant is change. Every day brings something new in ideas, technology, ways of living, and whatever is happening in your industry.

So, when’s the last time you changed? How fluid are you in changing your ways based on what you see in front of you?

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2:50 Today’s Topic: How To Remain Fluid and “Changeable” in Life

3:18 Fluidity is the state of being unsettled

4:09 When you are set on your ways you are down the mountain

4:22 Point I: When change occurs anywhere in your life, go with the change instead of fighting against the change

5:26 June 1, 1999 – the day the music industry changed forever

11:55 Point II: Do not get too comfortable in one way of doing things

12:27 In anything you are doing well, you will be upset by competition, opposition, and a wise person who will try to use your strategy against you

14:24 Read the 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene

14:35 Point III: Life is all about change

15:18 Never get to comfortable in any one spot, that you forget to move

17:56 Recap

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