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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#742: If You’re Not Gonna Be Aggressive, Get Out Of The Way
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#742: If You’re Not Gonna Be Aggressive, Get Out Of The Way

Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz addressed Bryon Russell, a young teammate who was still trying to find his role in the NBA.

“If I pass you the ball and you’re not gonna shoot it, i’m gonna tell Coach Sloan to get your ass off the court! When I pass it to you, shoot it!”

When you’re competing against the best of the best, you better be aggressive — because if you’re not, you won’t be there long.

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02:47 Today’s Topic: If you’re not going to be Aggressive, Get out of the way.

02:57 Definition of Aggressive: Ready or likely to attack. Pursuing one’s aims and intentions forcefully.

04:20 Point I: If you find yourself not doing anything wrong, you’re losing.

05:50 Point II: Do not be the “No- Face” person.

08:30 Point III: You are much more likely to fail because of not doing enough and inaction compared to failing because of too much action and aggression.

10:15 Reference Ted Talk at University of Nevada Las Vegas: Too Much confidence is not your problem.

10:45 Human beings are much more in touch with our instict or fear than we are with our instinct of aggression and progress.

11:28 Since people are driven by fear, we miss opportunities that we never even knew was present.

12:15 Recap.

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