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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#741: How To Make More Time For Yourself
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#741: How To Make More Time For Yourself

As our world advances, there aren’t fewer things for us to do — there’s always more. Our smartphone capabilities increase with each update and every social networking platform has a full time staff tasked with keeping you using their stuff for even more time each day.

Where and how do you find time for yourself?

Well, you don’t find the time — you make it. Today I’ll show you how.

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2:52 Today’s topic: How To Make More Time For Yourself

3:33 Listen to more episodes at

4:21 Everyone wants more time for themselves

5:22 Point I: A hack to achieve discipline – Pay less attention to what everyone else is doing

6:18 Do not debate about politics, sports, or entertainment because you can never change anyone’s opinion. Debating about these are just time and energy wasters

8:05 Point II: Identify time wasting habits in your routines

9:18 If you have a pile of things left in your to do list, it adds to your mental load

10:59 [Social Media] feeds are not your friend when it comes to being productive and having time for yourself

12:40 Point III: Make and stick to a schedule

14:06 The height of discipline is being able to set a schedule and work on deadlines as if somebody was watching you stick to it

14:39 Check out The Mirror Of Motivation at

14:51 Recap

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