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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#740: Hot Seat: How Can I Get More Clients And Charge More For My Services? [Dee in Tampa, FL]
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#740: Hot Seat: How Can I Get More Clients And Charge More For My Services? [Dee in Tampa, FL]

Dee has been training football players for some time after his one pro football career, and his business is growing.

But, Dee finds himself charging less than he’s worth, and struggling to find his footing amidst competing trainers in South Florida. Can social media help? How does he raise prices without losing clients?

I help Dee understand his value as a trainer, how to differentiate himself from the other trainers, and what changes he can make to his process of getting clients.

If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer of any kind, you need to be listening carefully to today’s episode.

Today’s show is brought to you by Ask Yourself A Better Question. Learn more at

2:46 Today’s Hot Seat with Dee Lane, a Sports Performance Trainer of up and coming football players

4:18 Start of Hot Seat

4:39 Challenge: How to properly separate himself, expand his services to appeal to wider audience, and get more from social media & word of mouth

5:08 How Dee started his business 2 years ago

7:23 His challenges: To expand and grow, he needs 1. Bringing in the money to expand his business and 2. His growing competition

10:56 The reason why Dee thinks other trainers can charge more than him

14:35 Raising your price will only take you to a redder ocean. Think about raising price above, but have substance

16:22 His differentiating factor is that he has played college football and has a methodology and a proven track record of players he has helped

19:20 Dee feels that asking for referrals is being a burden to clients and is making him look desperate

19:41 The best way to generate new business is to sell more to the people you have already sold to and for them to tell their friends to come by you and buy from you

20:30 You can generate word of mouth intentionally and on purpose.

21:14 The best way for people to buy is when they see somebody else who had the same question as them and got the result they wanted

22:41 You don’t have to wait for your current clients to talk about you, create a template, be intentional

23:57 Building a StoryBrand podcast discussed the Grunt Test – People look at a website for only 10 seconds and it needs to answer these 3 questions: Who is the person behind it? What is it they do? What is the result they can get?

27:26 Dre does not see social media as a place that generates business.

28:28 Take videos of the sessions or cut up clips and put it on the website site

29:36 People use social media as entertainment

30:13 Look for coaches of local high school programs and build a relationship with them

31:38 All entrepreneurs and freelancers need to remember this: When you are running a business, treat it like a business

33:04 You got the confidence in yourself that you are doing the right thing, now you have to instill in others that confidence

34:32 Ask for referrals and do it in a friendly way

34:56 Bring parents or players together at a coffee shop and answer questions about going pro. This will deepen your relationship with them. Do this for free, but in exchange, ask for referrals.

38:19 Listen to the hot seat with jasmine about pricing where they discuss the FOMO in sales or missing out on a client

39:45 Find out what they actually want, keep asking till you get to the root cause, go deep to their why

43:03 The hot seat with Latoya Baldwin Clark where she shares that everytime you’re feeling self doubt, pull up your resume and read it

47:04 What you are really selling is a potential career or a scholarship or a chance at college football

49:00 Take the separation and let everybody know it. Build a brand, don’t be another football player

50:07 You don’t want to be the best in the category, you want to be the only one in the category

50:34 When people ask for the price it doesn’t even matter because you’re the only one who offers what you offer

52:30 Sell the somewhere, don’t sell the activity

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