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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#737: If You’re Gonna Play, Aim High!
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#737: If You’re Gonna Play, Aim High!

In the Hot Seat Episode a couple days ago I addressed with jasmine the challenge of getting the price we aim for. Today’s topic is a sister to that challenge: Aiming for what we actually want, not what we think we can get.

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2:50 Today’s topic: If You’re Gonna Play, Aim High!

7:28 Pint I: Find out or ask yourself what the highest level is in the environment that you’re at

8:07 If there is a level higher, ask why you are not there. Or if you are at the highest level, where can you upgrade

11:28 What pushed Glen Rice Sr. to be an All-Star player in one yeat

12:14 Point II: Human beings respect big, power, and status

12:49 When you aim high you align yourself with people who are good

13:42 The principle of association as discussed in The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

14:38 When we align ourselves with the best that is avail to us, we are making ourselves better

14:52 Point III: When you aim for less, you are installing a concrete ceiling on your success

16:26 Episode #297 where Dre shares how he should be playing with the strongest possible team

17:06 Recap

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