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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#730: Equality Is A Myth
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#730: Equality Is A Myth

All men are created equal as babies. At that point, the similarities end — quickly.

Nike, one of the biggest companies in the world who became big by ruthlessly crushing competitors and spending a million dollars a day in media, did an “Equality” campaign recently. People ate it up, buying the T-shirts and branded sneakers. I’m a Nike fan, but the campaign was funny to me. Nike didn’t do anything wrong in becoming who they are; sports and business are competitions. So why the equality ploy?

Maybe they knew people would love and buy it, in this age of participation trophies. And I guess that’s why they’re Nike. It all makes sense, I suppose. Today though, we’ll talk the unbranded version of the equality farce.

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2:39 Today’s topic: Equality Is A Myth

3:17 The definition of equality is the state of being equal in status, rights, and opportunity

3:48 The Nike campaign selling merchandise based on equality

6:01 All men are created equal but we do not die equal

7:08 Point I: You control your status, your relative standing in life

8:28 We can alter our status in life as we please and as we decide to

8:46 Point II: Opportunity is not equal

10:28 You can create your own opportunity anytime you wish

10:34 Point III: For empathetic people who may feel bad that there is no equality

11:03 You can empower yourself to the fullest extent so you can help people. And the first step is to empower yourself

11:47 Recap

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