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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#729: Podcasts I Listen To
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#729: Podcasts I Listen To

I’ve been asked his a few times, and I think this question will become more popular as more people dive into the podcasting pool as listeners and creators. So here it is, with the caveat that this list is ever-changing. You can be added or dropped at any time #Facts.

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2:06 The 10 Podcasts I Listen To (in no particular order)

2:23 Podcast 1 – The Bill Simmons Podcast – A basketball podcast from one of Dre’s favorite sports writers

3:53 Podcast 2 – The Uncomfortable Truth by Alan Weiss – Business and entrepreneurship that is straight to the point and sass

6:01 Podcast 3 – The Tim Ferriss Show – One of the most popular podcasts about entrepreneurship

8:25 Podcast 4 – The James Altucher Show – Interesting interviews on comedy and other specific topics

10:43 Podcast 5 – The Lowe Post Show by Zach Lowe – Great interviews of basketball players

11:50 Podcast 6 – Drink Champs with NORE – Interview with hip-hop legends

13:32 Podcast 7 – The Dan Le Batard Show – Great interviews with a former Miami Herald writer where listeners can call in with questions

15:47 Podcast 8 – Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas – Daily interview podcast about entrepreneurship with a monthly income report episode

17:34 Podcast 9 – Road Trippin’: Richard Vs. Channing – Well rounded conversations with basketball players

19:25 Podcast 10 – The Three Month Vacation Podcast By Sean D’Souza – Entrepreneurship podcast from India that gives counter intuitive advice

20:33 Recap

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