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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#723: 3 Things Every Leader Must Be
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#723: 3 Things Every Leader Must Be

This podcast is for leaders — of teams, families and leaders of self. If you’re going to be an effective leader, there are three things you’ll need to be to keep your organization positively moving forward; today you’ll learn what they are and how to be them as needed.

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2:40 Today’s Topic: 3 things a leader must be.

2:50 Reference of Robert Kiyosaki book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

5:48 Point I: A leader must be a dreamer/Visionary.

6:04 Being a dreamer means you see the possibilities.

7:57 You must be able to communicate that vision to anyone who is following you.

9:10 Point II: A leader has to be a business person. AKA a producer of results and can get a return for the results.

10:38 It’s not about how many hours you train but rather what skills you develop.

12:50 Point III: You’ve got to be an SOB or an asshole.

13:52 There are things that need to get done that people just don’t want to do.

15:30 If you are not fit to deal with the discomfort of admonishing people, you are not fit to lead.

17:27 Recap

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