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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#717: Stop Giving Away Your Power
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#717: Stop Giving Away Your Power

I sat in a restaurant in Vegas in 2011 with Trey. We were talking about our basketball careers, careers we were working hard to keep alive, when Trey told me how he felt about his place in the whole pro basketball industry.

“I feel powerless!”

I understood how he felt. I was a few years older than him, and had been in the same spot he was in then. I had learned how to take that power back, while still going after the playing opportunities. Fortunately for you, like Trey, it’s not that the power has been taken from you: You’ve unknowingly given it away.

Let’s fix that.

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2:57 Today’s Topic – Stop Giving Away Your Power

3:38 How to keep your power and how to stop giving it away.

6:05 Point I: You don’t need to aquire power.

7:53 You must maintain your ability to make your own decisions, to think for yourself.

8:39 Point II: What we do not use, we lose.

9:41 Atrophy – The gradual decline and effectiveness, or vigor, or power due to underuse or neglect.

11:09 Energy begets energy

12:57 If you’re in a situation where you feel powerless, all you have to do is reverse the roles, start taking initiative.

13:33 Point III: It is on you to find out how much power you have. How much you have given away or are neglecting to use.

14:26 Even if you have lost it before, you can get it back. Everything can be replaced except for time.

14:53 An excerpt from Emerson’s essay, Self-Reliance

16:07 We feel best when we know that we did the work – taking it from absolute nothing into something.

16:38 Until you start exercising your power, you’ll never know how much potential you have in you.

17:04 Potential doesn’t really matter in the “real world”, all that matters are the results that we produce.

18:38 Recap

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