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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#715: “Reality” Is Killing You
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#715: “Reality” Is Killing You

I wrote The Mental Workbook to help you shape your reality to whatever you want it to be. Yet, some people (who haven’t read the book yet) are too smart, too rooted in “reality” to take the power in their own hands.

You can’t say you’re this and doing that when you’re not. That’s not real. It’s not true!, they say. All I can say to them is, you speak only for yourself.

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2:48 Today’s Topic: Reality is Killing you.

4:58 Point I: Anything that can be disputed cannot be reality.

5:03 Definition of Reality – The world or state of things as they actually exists as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

5:38 Definition of Actual- Existing in fact typically in contrast to what was intended , expected or believed.

6:10 Definition of Fact- The thing that is indisputably the case.

7:30 So many people allow have allowed their opinions especially negative opinions to act as reality in their own lives and then they live their life as if their opinion is real.

8:55 We are allowing our negative opinions of life become our reality.

10:10 Point II: Opinions are based on perspective

10:39 Definition of Opinion: View or judgment formed about something that’s not necessarily based on facts or knowledge.

11:18 Definition of Perspective- A particular attitude toward or a way of regarding something.

11:38 Point III: It is not reality but rather it is you’re perspective that is killing you.

12:18 Reference Chapter 9 of 48 Laws of Power. Win through actions and not through argument. Michelangelo and Mayor of Florence Italy Story.

17:38 3 Things you need to do to change your perspective in life therefore changing your opinion therefore changing your reality.

17:48 Reality is just an opinion.

18:00 Number 1 To Change your reality ask yourself this question: If this situation was a great situation, why would it be great?

19:00 Number 2 Who has dealt with this situation and created a positive outcome? How did they creat a positive outcome and how can I copy some elements of what they did for my own situation?

20:20 Number 3 If I had to fix the situation that I’m in within 24 hours/1 week/30 days/ 1 year how would I do it?

21:28 Recap

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