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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#712: Not Everyone Will Like You — And That’s Exactly What You Want
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#712: Not Everyone Will Like You — And That’s Exactly What You Want

Some disagreement is a healthy thing in any organization. It shows you that people are willing to express their (hopefully) real opinions. Sometimes it goes further than that, and people just dislike your entire being. Doesn’t matter the reason — this is a food thing too.

Learn why today.

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2:49 Today’s Topic: Not Everybody likes you and that is exactly what you want.

7:00 Poin I: Not all people wan’t to set goals, improve there lives and gett better because a) It’s hard to do b) It takes time c) your succes is not guaranteed. These people tend to be resentful of you when they see you trying to improve your life.

9:36 Point II: Negative energy is still energy.

10:36 Definition of Energy.

11:50 Mindset of Opportunism.

12:30 Point III: Your wouldn’t move as fast if everybody loved you.

13:50 Book reference: Letters from a Stoic.

16:12 Recap

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