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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#702: If Your Next Chance Was Your Last…
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#702: If Your Next Chance Was Your Last…

I grew up in Philadelphia, watching Allen iverson captivate the city (and the basketball universe) with his dazzling basketball exploits. Iverson has his faults — didn’t like practice, sometimes late or a complete no-show for events — but one thing AI always said about himself was absolutely true: he played every game as if it were his last.

Iverson sacrifices his body, played through injuries, and fed off the energy of the home crowd who absolutely loved him. All that produced a historic career that landed Iverson in the Hall Of Fame. If there’s one thing I’d want a basketball player to inherit from Allen Iverson, besides his crossover and athleticism, it’s the mentality: play every game as if it’s your last.

Today’s show is about how you would do things differently if you knew today was your last shot.

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