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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#608: How to Let Go Of Everything You Don’t Want
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#608: How to Let Go Of Everything You Don’t Want

I was looking at places to move into in 2009. Me, my the -girlfriend and realtor walked into a condominium and were greeted by the realtor representing the owner of the condo. We walked into the place. Within 15 seconds I knew I didn’t like it. I said so, out loud, turned and walked out. Everyone looked shocked.

We didn’t I’ve into that place. I walk past the building all the time and always think of that day. I could’ve been a bit nicer about it. But I did save Beth one a lot of time. That’s my rationalization of my actions.

I went on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and deleted, unfollowed and unfriended a bunch of people a couple weeks ago. It was fun and refreshing. I felt lighter in my feet because of it. Big deal, you may think.

My mass deletion actions are a microcosm of a larger, more important mindset. I’m willing to let got of shit I don’t want as soon as I realize I don’t want it. Are you holding onto anything you know you don’t want? Why?

Today we uncover that.


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