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60° Days 😎🥶🥵

I wrote this on a 60º Sunday morning in Miami.

It’s beautiful outside; no clouds in the sky and it's sunny.

Such a wide range of clothing choices on such days.

Me: Sneakers, shorts, t-shirt, hoodie, knitted hat (more for fashion than cold)

Others: shorts, t-shirts with no hoodie, tank tops, shirtless runners, sandals with bare feet.

It’s the same with life‘s circumstances.

We all have different ways of reacting, or responding, to the things that happen to us. Our responses lead to more circumstances.

My superpower is insight: My ability to look at your specific situation and offer a unique perspective on what’s really happening, why it’s happening, how it happened, and the most effective way to respond to it.

Effective: successful in producing a desired or intended result.

When I’m working with high-level professionals, those who have already achieved significant success, insight is the most valuable thing I offer them.

They don't need to learn how to make money (though they want to make more) or find a new business idea. Those things are, for the most part, working.

They want help dealing with complex situations and people. And not lose what’s already working in the interplay between all of this stuff.

This may be where you’re at right now.

If so, I may be the person you need as a coach.

Let’s talk here:

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