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Work On Your Game Content/Business and Entrepreneurship/😤 6 Reasons to (Keep) Publish(ing) Your Content — Even if "Nobody" Is Watching or Reading
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😤 6 Reasons to (Keep) Publish(ing) Your Content — Even if "Nobody" Is Watching or Reading

1) When you’re starting out (or even if you've been around for some time), what you say is not for *the audience* — it’s for YOU. To find your voice. To figure out what your message is. To work the kinks out. To get comfortable with the medium of writing or speaking or vlogging. This is PRACTICE time, which everyone needs. 

2) What’s new to you today will be new to someone else tomorrow, next week, a year from now. That will be that person’s introduction to you — or not, if you didn’t start today. 

3) Your “old” work can be bundled and repackaged into something new — and perceived as higher-value because of it. Most of your favorite content creators do this; most consumers never notice. 

4) If only 15 people (aka “nobody”) is liking your posts or watching your videos — that’s FIFTEEN FANS you have! 15 people who want to hear what you have to say! 15 possible customers or clients! If 15 people bought your product or signed up for you highest-value service TODAY, would you have a good day??? I think so. Treat that “nobody” audience like GOLD, because that’s what it is. 

5) Publishing is a marathon, not a sprint. With the right strategy and material, you stuff that was seen by “only” 35 people last year can be worth more, in the long term, than someone’s mini-viral hit that came out three days ago. 

6) Remember that business is about the EXCHANGE of money for value. Content is (mostly) free— no exchange taking place. The people who gladly grab at all your free stuff are often NOT the same people who buy the paid stuff. What business are you in? Remind yourself of that. Too many creators are rushing to get popular and forget about the exchange part of the game. 

If any of these are helpful to you, let me know which one and why. There is more where that came from. 


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