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5 Reasons Why You Need To Go Too Far

If I'm going anywhere, it's probably too far. - Drake

I didn't play on the basketball team my senior year of college.

I wasn't injured. My grades were well above eligibility- level. I got kicked off the team after I having some differences with the coach the year before. My ego stopped me from coming back to the team for my last year. I hadn't expected to get much playing time ahead of the coach's new recruits. So I sat out the year and played intramural basketball, dominating hapless weekend warriors who had no athletic ambitions.

We won the intramural championship.

I'd rather have played on the real team, even if I didn't get on the court as much as I should've. Only now can I look back and see that. Even though I went pro after college, my senior year is a regret of omission that I'll have to live with.


How many times have you, after the fact, thought of something you should've said or done? How many times have you done something and stopped short of how far you could have gone?

Compare that to the times you remember doing or saying too much. Times you tried to grab too much, too soon. Out-kicked your coverage, as they say.

Which list is longer?

If you're anything like me, it's clearly the first list, of could-have and should-haves. What makes these regrets the worst is, we'll never know what could have been in those cases. When we think of these instances, it's always with a question of what may have been that we can never answer. The feeling of even having these questions sucks.

We are not perfect. Mistakes happen. Since we're going to make mistakes anyway, let's make them mistakes of going too far instead of mistakes of not enough.

What follows are 5 reasons to start on this too far journey.

When you go too far, at least you know what happened. The feeling of I wonder what would've happened if... leaves a permanent void in our minds. Even if we get a second chance, it's never the same as it would've been in the initial moment.Personally, I'd rather know - even if it's bad - than not know. When you take things to their limits, you'll always know.
We stop short out of fear. Fear isn't real. Fear is a self-created emotion which we can drop as quickly as we engage it. What we're afraid of hasn't even happened (to us) when we're fearing it. Thus, the fear isn't actually real.Fear is our internal prediction of future events. Predictions are often incorrect. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay "]Fear is our internal prediction of future events. Predictions are often incorrect. [/shareable]
Fortune favors the bold. Think of the times you decided to be a little bolder than usual. Those times you stopped being so overly cautious and just went for it.What were the results? I'm guessing you created an outcome that you otherwise, in your normal state, couldn't have gotten.Maybe some outside factor - a time crunch, an emergency situation - forced you to act differently. Know you can self-generate that same energy anytime you want. Do this enough, and it becomes your normal way of being.
All life's rewards are just beyond people's self-imposed limits. If you do what most people do, you'll get what most people get. Do you agree with this cliche? Cliches are cliches because they're based in truth.Fact: there are outcomes your life will never produce as long as you're coloring within the lines. Will it be uncomfortable to step outside your normal boundaries? Yes. Will people who know you well openly question what the hell has gotten into you? Probably.Will that stop you?
Wouldn't it be fun? I mean, think about it! Wouldn't it really be fun to finally not be so worried about offending people?Wouldn't it be great to do what you want to do, without your foot hovering over the brake pedal? Haven't you always wondered how far you could go if you weren't holding yourself back for myriad reasons?Really think about this question. If now is not the time, when is the time?

[shareable cite="@DreAllDay "]Too far is a destination many people live their entire lives and never see.[/shareable]

Too far is a destination many people live their entire lives and never see. Even if it ends up not as great as you thought, wouldn't it better to know yourself instead of just hearing about it?

You already had a vehicle and gas. You now have a map.

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