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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#485: On Sunny Days, Water Your Plants!!
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#485: On Sunny Days, Water Your Plants!!

I had an asshole punk neighbor when I lived in South Beach.

His loud ass TV was mounted on the wall that separates our apartments. One night it was too loud and I was wanting to sleep peacefully. I knocked on his door and he wouldn’t answer. So I banged on his door as if the town was on fire.

He answered – opening the door just long enough to inform me that he was calling the cops. All this happened with his metal screen door locked and acting as a barrier between himself and me. That’s why he was both an asshole and a Punk.

And he really did call the cops. What a pussy.

He was good at taking care of his plants, though. Today I’ll share with you how, and how you’ll use it.

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