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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#480: You Cannot Do It All By Yourself
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#480: You Cannot Do It All By Yourself

I used to be in entrepreneurial hell.

I was working all the time, always busy, and the work was never ending. To the untrained eye I would have seem to be a super-hustling ball of energy who was making it happen. The reality, though, was that all my hustling was resulting in me staying where I was. I was doing so much maintenance and rote work in my business that I had no space to work on my business and grow it.

That’s when I started leveraging the powers of delegation, elimination, prioritization, segmentation and anything else that would get me out of hell.

Today’s show is about how you can and will leverage other people on your journey, as their are many eager people just itching to help you out. Give them a job.

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