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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#475: Motivational Bullshit, Exposed Vol. 1
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#475: Motivational Bullshit, Exposed Vol. 1

I stepped to the front of the room that was filled with high school students. Before i began my presentation, I had to make a correction to the introduction I’d been given.

“I am not a motivational speaker.”

Upon hearing of my expertise topics – Mental Toughness, Confidence, Discipline – sometimes people want to put me in the “motivational speaker” box (which is sometimes good – when an event planner is looking for exactly that and I quickly become one). I don’t want to motivate you, though, because you won’t get far with only that.

Today’s show will expose and debunk some motivational stuff you’ve heard before, and maybe believed. I’ll not only kill the garbage you’ve been taught, but I’ll also replace it with something better in every case, so you can move through life on principle and not just always-more-needed motivation.

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