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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#473: Success: Faster Than Failure
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#473: Success: Faster Than Failure

I tried to get my professional basketball career started from May 2004 for a year and a half. I worked at Foot Locker and Bally Total Fitness. I lived at home with my parents, sleeping on a couch. My car was a piece of junk. I went to a couple of random middle-of-nowhere tryouts that left me right there at nowhere.

For 18 months.

My agent called me in August 2005 and told me he had a team interested in signing me. After a couple days of updates the contract was signed and I was on a plane to Europe.

I couldn’t get into my chosen profession for 18 months. The whole contract situation – from when my agent first alerted me to the moment I jumped on the plane – took about 5 days.

Today’s show is about how it takes a lot less time to succeed than it takes to fail.

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