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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#470: Who’s Your Boss?
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#470: Who’s Your Boss?

One day in middle school, I had a watch on my wrist.

I’d attached the watch over the sleeve of my long-sleeved white shirt. Some kid named Aaron saw it and mocked me for having the watch over the top of my sleeve.

Not knowing I was committing a fashion faux pas, I began to unfasten my watch to put in directly on my wrist and under my shirt. As I do so, another kid named Erik who had seen the exchange made a remark.

“You’re going to change it just because he said somethin’?”

Erik was right. Though, as I looked around and noticed that wearing a watch over a shirt was not a “normal” thing to do, I’d be even more of a fool to change what I was doing just because someone laughed at it.

That mindset is what today’s show it about.

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