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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#469: No Deadlines Allowed On Reaching Your Purpose
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#469: No Deadlines Allowed On Reaching Your Purpose

“It will never be over.”

I saw that quote from Sean Combs (aka Puff Daddy) on the cover of a magazine many years ago.

Puff, as many people who’ve worked with him have said, is relentless, tireless and very demanding of everyone around him. And I’ve often heard him say his purpose is simply to “make you dance.”

When Notorious BIG passed away, Puff had to pick himself up again. When his top artist Ma$e left rap music, Puff had to pick up the torch. As many of Puff’s top artists left Bad Boy, Puff’s company, it seemed many times that Puff and Bad Boy were done. And there were many changes over the years. But one constant remained: Puff Daddy.

He kept finding new artists, making new hit records, keeping his name in the news, and – as he stated as his goal – making you dance.

And as he’s said, it’s not over.

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