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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#467: Leadership 101: How To Put Your Own Work In
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#467: Leadership 101: How To Put Your Own Work In

For the duration of popular HBO series The Wire, Avon Barksdale never fired a gun. Avon never used any weapon, for that matter, even though he was kingpin of a very lucrative and violent street enterprise in West Baltimore. Avon had a team of soldiers who would do whatever the boss said without prodding of even need of explanation as to why it was being done.

It was understood, and somewhat said, during the series that Avon had earned his reputation – and kingpin status – based on his past actions. Avon was known and respected for doing all the things he now had soldiers to do for him, which allowed Avon to not need to do it himself.

Though he was in an unethical business that took many lives and destroyed others, Avon had earned his leadership position by putting in his own work. That was the only way, especially in the streets, that anyone would do his bidding.

Today’s show is about putting your own work in, so your (future) team will be eager to take jobs off your hands.

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