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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#466: How To Deal With Trash Talkers & Haters
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#466: How To Deal With Trash Talkers & Haters

When it comes to trash talk, I’m usually an initiator. I remember a game where I started guarding a guy who was scoring a bit too much on us in a random Rec league contest. After slowing him down my first play guarding him, I announced that he wasn’t going to score anymore that night. This set off an epic trash talk battle that made an otherwise boring game (we won by a lot) very fun to watch.

I’m a proud professional trash talker.

Neither of us took it personal. We shook hands after the game and it was over. I was very excited. That kind of stuff gets me going in a big way.

Everyone who knows me has been a trash talk recipient of mine; some of them have survived to remain friends.

I’ve trash talked opposing players, referees, teammates, coaches, fans, cameras, dogs, newborn babies and anyone else in between who got in my way. So if anyone can teach trash talk, dammit, it’s me.

Today learn how to use and defend yourself against trash talk, even if you’re (likely) not the sh** talked your host is.

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