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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#460: How Persistence Overcomes A Lack of Talent
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#460: How Persistence Overcomes A Lack of Talent

Going into college, I knew what my strengths (read: the parts of my game that drew attention and made me a player you’d want on your team) were. I could jump high, score when I wanted to, and had the athletic ability – jumping, running, rebounding, conditioning – to dominate games when I wanted to.

Then I got to college and realized I wasn’t the only one with talent. And, some of these fellow talents had more of it than me. How would I go pro if I didn’t have the most looked-for trait?

Years later I realized what my real relent was, as many of those more-talented players had long fallen off and out of the game: my ability to show up day after day to do the work.

I had – and have – talents. But it’s my persistence – call it a talent if you wish – that’s allowed my to display them. Today I explain how you can develop and use yours.

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