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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#455: How to Be Unreasonable
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#455: How to Be Unreasonable

I told my parents that my next move, now that I was a college graduate, was to become a professional basketball player. My mother, as logical and reasonable as anyone, just couldn’t see it. And she was very eager to let me know about it.

Thanks to my mental makeup, though, which to that point I could take no credit for purposely creating, only made me even more determined to make it happen. Mom was right: my basketball vision was completely unreasonable. But that’s why visions are visions. IF a reasonable person could see it, there would be no value in it.

Reasonable, agreeable, compromising people: what happens to these folks? Many say they “get taken advantage of” or “walked all over.” Well, maybe — I;m sure i’ve done it myself to a few of these people — but the real tragedy that happens to such types has nothing to do with the ruthless, ambitious people they cross paths with.

Today, you’ll be cured of this disease.

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