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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#448: How To STOP Telling Yourself “No”
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#448: How To STOP Telling Yourself “No”

“He can probably get any girl he want.”

This girl – who’d I’d secretly lusted after ever since first seeing her – had just given me the biggest confidence boost ever. There were four people at the table, including her and me, and she was talking to the other two (older) guys. And she had said it so matter-of-factly, I knew she wasn’t trying to inflate my ego. She really meant it. And she was probably — definitely — more sure of my girl-getting ability than I was.

I realized then that the (girl) world was mine. I mean, the girl on campus who drew the most head-turns from males (think about it) had just told me that I could get any girl. Up to that point, I was nervous about even talking to her. Now she had placed me on a pedestal.

I decided to live up to it.

Limits aren’t real. Learn more in that today.

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