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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/439: How To Find Out What Your Team Is Made Of
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439: How To Find Out What Your Team Is Made Of

“You just be taking shit too far! Why not just let it go?!”

I wish this was a story — well, it is, only it’s happened many, many times with me on the receiving end of the above statement.

Me, I like to push people. Not just for their benefit; that’s rarely the initial reason for me to push anyone (unless I’m hired to do so — then it is). I push people because I want to know who exactly I’m dealing with. I want to know how far a person is willing to go. And I’ll go further and further to find out.

We call this brinksmanship.

Many people, I’ve learned, don’t like to be pushed. They push back against it, quit, or start avoiding me. Ha.

Today is about finding out what people around you are made of. You don’t want to be the last person to find out.

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