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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#437: Deleting Your Disbelief: Choose Your Program
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#437: Deleting Your Disbelief: Choose Your Program

The first time I rode across Miami’s 395 causeway, past downtown and towards South Beach, I could see a skyline of highrise condominium towers: Marina Blue, 900 Biscayne, Ten Museum Park, and Marquis. I came to know these as the Big Four, since they were so prominent as you drove across the highway, and there was space in the skyline on either side of these building; they stood alone. I vowed that I would, one day, live in one of those towers. My want became even more strong when I realized those buildings were directly across the street from American Airlines Arena (ain’t that where the Heat play?)

The problem: Those condos probably cost a lot of money. How could I ever afford to live in them?

Another problem, which turned out to be the real issue: I had labeled these living space as “expensive” when I didn’t even know how much it actually cost to live there.

A year later, I was living in a condo just like it, less than 10 blocks away.

(I still haven’t reside in one of the Big Four, as the area’s walkability — post office, gyms, grocery shopping — sucks. But there are more towers and retail space coming to that area soon.)

Today, let’s delete your disbelief about things you can’t do or have.

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