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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#431: Good Things Are SUPPOSED To Happen
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#431: Good Things Are SUPPOSED To Happen

It used to be hard for me to be lucky.

Something great would happen, followed another great thing, and (maybe) a string of great stuff happening all at once. Despite this run of wins, though, all I ever could think about was when the run would end. All I could think of was when the bad luck would start, or I find myself unconsciously searching the recesses of my mind for something to worry about, or some not-so-great reality of my life to numb the good feelings.

And I usually succeeded in ending my run of positive outcomes. When you hear of the fear of success, this is what it looks like.

Today I explain why “good luck” doesn’t have to end – and it shouldn’t end because of our own mental self-sabotage.

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