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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#430: Are You “Doing Too Much”? Probably Not
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#430: Are You “Doing Too Much”? Probably Not

I found myself in entrepreneurial hell in early-mid 2015.

I was doing a lot of jobs for my business. Every day seemed like hustle to keep it all going – and not enough time to actually move things forward. I was doing a ton of maintenance work. Maybe I was doing too much, I told myself.

Then I started hiring help.

The same tasks were still getting done, just not by me anymore. I had space to move business forward. I even had enough space to push new initiatives.

So I guess I wasn’t doing too much all along. And, since that “too much” still didn’t have me where I wanted to be, I actually wasn’t doing enough. I was doing things wrong in many ways.

Are you doing too much? Probably not. Today I explain how I know.

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