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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#425: Your Limits: All Lies
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#425: Your Limits: All Lies

All my years playing professional basketball, You couldn’t have forced me to run or even play ball on concrete.

I, along with many other pros, was fully convinced that the hard stuff would destroy my knees, and my career along with it. Playing on concrete would speed up my body’s decline, I would think as I walked past the outdoor pickup games year after year. If I want to run, I’ll find an indoor court, a treadmill, or the sand on the beach. But never – NEVER – concrete.

Then I stopped playing, and decided to give concrete running a chance. With no playing career in the balance, I figured I could afford to wreck my knees now. Let’s see how bad it really is.

What I learned, in the process of running hundreds of miles, including the 2017 Miami Marathon: Concrete is not hard on my knees at all. BASKETBALL is the real knee enemy.

Today, we examine the limits – aka lies – you have imposed on yourself, and what you can do about them ASAP.

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