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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#418: How to NOT Get Nervous: I’ll Show You
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#418: How to NOT Get Nervous: I’ll Show You

I tried out for the varsity basketball team in high school as a freshman. There were over 100 boys in the gym that day, half of us with no shirt on (as we played shirts versus skins for tryouts).

A sophomore sitting next to me turned and asked if I was nervous. I replied that I was. He advised me to not be nervous, since being nervous would just make me play worse.

Great advice. Thanks.

I was nervous during those tryouts; my only shot of the day hit the ceiling. I didn’t do much better as a sophomore trying out. It wasn’t until my junior year that I felt some what comfortable during tryouts.

And I got my ass kicked during junior year at tryouts.

Senior year, I was better than not-nervous. I was certain.

Certain that I could compete with anyone – ANYONE – came on the court against me that day. And that’s exactly how I performed. I made the team that year.

The sad ending is, I still rode the bench all season. But I was a pro just five years later.

Today, learn how to kick nervousness to the curb – forever.

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