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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#414: Bad Question: “What’s Your Budget?”
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#414: Bad Question: “What’s Your Budget?”

She told me about her website issues.

She didn’t have a clear understanding of what hosting was, why it was needed, or how much of it she actually needed.

Then she told me how she had been on the phone with the hosting company (GoDaddy) salespeople.

Basically, GoDaddy had confused her as to what she needed, why she needed it, and what it would do for her. They were trying to sell her as much as they possibly could, based on her stated budget. Which, on the surface, I don’t fault him for. It’s their job to sell as much as they can to everyone they can.

She then told me how the GoDaddy salesperson had initially asked her, “what’s your budget?”

Coincidentally, the total for what she’d be offered was very close to her stated budget.

Personally, I’ve come to people and asked for their services. I’ll share what I want or need, and ask if they can do it. Many times, I’ve been asked in return, what’s your budget?

I’ve never hired those people.

Today’s episode is about this.

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