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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#413: Parents: How To Help Your Child Succeed In Sports
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#413: Parents: How To Help Your Child Succeed In Sports

I really want him to start taking his sports seriously. But he doesn’t seem to understand that no matter how much I tell him. He has to know that there are only so many more years before his opportunities may be gone. He may already have missed out on a college scholarship!

He plays on club teams, but his effort is inconsistent. He has the talent to be a starter and maybe even a star on his team – I see it myself – but he does not exert that skill level every time. I think he needs to hear it from someone other than me. Do you have any articles or videos or podcast episodes on this topic? Or any other way I can try getting through to him that may work? I really want to see my son succeed in sports, but he is not as motivated as he needs to be if he wants to be serious. What do you think I can do with him?

I receive messages like this from parents. They really want their child to be successful in their sport, but – at least according to the parent – the child is not as motivated or inspired or action oriented as the parent would want him or her to be.

And mom or dad is at the end of their rope trying to figure it out and “help” their child.

Today, I will help you out, parents.

Yes, I said help the parents. Your child does not need help.

I will share with you what YOU need to do. Not what your daughter needs to do. Not what your son needs to do. Not the coach you need to find, or the trainer you need to hire, or the podcast you need to refer him to.

What YOU need to do.

Listen closely.

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