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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#409: It Doesn’t Exist? Make It!: How The Creators Do It
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#409: It Doesn’t Exist? Make It!: How The Creators Do It

I did a photoshoot with a photographer in Miami in 2010. After the shoot was done, we sat and talked for a while as we looked over the photos he had taken. He shared with me why he had decided to work with me, despite the fact that he turned down a majority of the people who came to him for shoots.

This photographer was one of those “I have to be passionate about it” business people. He would not get involved in something he could not find a passion for, even if that meant costing himself money.

So he told me what it was about me they got his interest: “when I saw your stuff, Dre, I saw the fact that you took an idea, and made it into something real. That is what got my attention.”

The people in this world to make a difference, the people who leave a legacy, the people who have people talking about them long after they are gone, even people who never met them, are the people who created something that did not previously exist.

The people who took an idea out of their minds, and made it into something everyone could see, feel, hear, touch, and taste.

Today’s show is about the essence of that mindset: creating what does not already exist.

This essence is not about you reinventing the wheel, necessarily, if that’s not what you’re into. This mindset could be you taking something that already exists, and putting a twist to it has not previously been tried. Think Uber, Airbnb, etc.

If you need it, and it does not already exist, create it! There is a power, energy and opportunity in that.

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