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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#406: Earning Your Spot EVERY DAY: Nothing is Secure
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#406: Earning Your Spot EVERY DAY: Nothing is Secure

In 1998, I watch the NBA finals: the Chicago Bulls versus the Utah Jazz. I remember Michael Jordan hitting The Shot II (the first Shot was in the 80s vs. Cleveland): The crossover on Bryon Russell, the held shooting motion as the ball went through the basket, the Bulls winning the championship in game six in Utah.

As the Chicago Bulls celebrated their championship, the Utah Jazz , Bob Costas and Doug Collins stayed silent so the audience could watch the celebration. Eventually, Collins broke the silence with the following statement

“Michael Jordan has nothing to prove. But he goes out there every day, and works as if he has EVERYTHING to prove.”

Doug would know well: he was Michael’s first head coach in the NBA, before he was fired and replaced by one Phil Jackson.

Back in the early days, many basketball fans figured Michael Jordan was so good because he was so damn SKILLED: he was quick, he could dribble, he could jump really high, he had a flair for the game. But what many learned, years later, was that Michael was super competitive and super disciplined when he came to putting in the work.

Today’s show is all about earning your spot every single day – even when you have put in enough work, and delivered enough results, that you don’t have to earn anything ever again.

Like Michael Jordan, like any leader you know or know of who has more clout than everyone in the room, but still seems to work harder, and show up earlier, and be more dedicated, than everyone else in the room.

What drives these people? Why do they do this? How can YOU develop this frame of mind?

Listen up today.

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